About Me

Tam has  a lifelong interest in helping people access their own inner wisdom through creativity.  
Tracey-ann McDonald

Hi, I am Tracey Ann (Tam)

Art Therapist | HH Dip (A.Th.) | IICT (International Institute for complimentary Therapists)

Tam has  a lifelong interest in helping people access their own inner wisdom through creativity. 

Before founding Lighthouse Art Therapy in 2018, Tam worked around the globe in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines – running private Art Studios. 

She offered one-on-one art therapy sessions, creative art therapy workshops and trans personal art tuition – extending beyond the personal level of the psyche, beyond mind and beyond the limits of personal identity.   This included integrating the spiritual and transcendent aspect of human experience.

Whilst living in central Asia, Tam was also creating and implementing art therapy programmes and workshops for disadvantaged children via the ANZA Group.  She volunteered her time in some of the most destitute slums towards rehabilitating traumatised children and youth.  She found this work a truly and most rewarding experience, the journey together towards hope, healing and restoration with survivors and communities impacted by exploitation.

Tam is an expressive and intuitive Artist & Art Therapist.  She likes to look past the persona or mask that we tend to wear, to the core of her soul and so connecting with spirit.  Her work is often charged with an emotional and spiritual vision of life.

Tam likes to release what is in her subconscious and bring it to a conscious level through painting without censorship.

Art Therapy

One on One Art Therapy

Individual Art Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process of art making to improve a persons physical, mental and emotional well-being. Sessions begin with talking to the therapist about why you want to find help, and learning what the therapist has to offer.

Art Therapy

Creative Art Therapy Group Workshops

  Lighthouse Art Therapy run themed workshops for groups up to 12 people with art therapy and creativity with varying models of treatment for different groups.  Using positive psychology this focuses on the positive aspects of the human experience. As an art, it focuses on both individual and societal well-being. 

art therapy

Trans personal Art Tuition

These individual art lessons are for anyone who wants to tap into their inner landscape and begin to explore their own personal imagery.  This art approach, the client travels within themselves by means of meditation music to a deeper, quieter part of self.