Art Therapy provides therapeutic interventions using the visual arts including – writing, drawing, painting, ink works, collage, dream exploration, self reflection, growth and healing for mental health diagnosis, well being, early intervention and development disorders.

Art Therapy

One on One Art Therapy

Individual Art Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process of art making to improve a persons physical, mental and emotional well-being. Sessions begin with talking to the therapist about why you want to find help, and learning what the therapist has to offer.

Art Therapy

Creative Art Therapy Group Workshops

  Lighthouse Art Therapy run themed workshops for groups up to 12 people with art therapy and creativity with varying models of treatment for different groups.  Using positive psychology this focuses on the positive aspects of the human experience. As an art, it focuses on both individual and societal well-being. 

art therapy

Trans personal Art Tuition

These individual art lessons are for anyone who wants to tap into their inner landscape and begin to explore their own personal imagery.  This art approach, the client travels within themselves by means of meditation music to a deeper, quieter part of self. 

Tracey-ann McDonald

Hi, I am Tracey Ann (Tam)

Art Therapist | HH Dip (A.Th.) | IICT (International Institute for complimentary Therapists)

Tam has  a lifelong interest in helping people access their own inner wisdom through creativity. 

"This is an incredibly healing space and technique to express yourself. My session with Tam was peaceful as she guided my inner me to flow onto paper. Highly recommended"

Debra Underwood

"There is nothing like art, in all its mystical and revealing forms, to bring out what lies deep in our subconscious troubling us and placing in turmoil our inner world. TAM understands this and she weaves miracles and healing through creating magic in her Dream Room. I can highly recommend her methods, her gentle way and her integrity"

Glen Ladegaard

"I have always felt that art affords the creative opportunity to teach so much about life and one’s deeper self. There is a spirit and soul to Tam’s facilitation that creates a safe and profound space for you to dive deeper into your own internal resources and discover and express more of your creative genius. In doing so you learn more about your true and authentic self and gently heal the blocks getting in the way of being more joyfully connected to who you truly are. Tam is so genuinely caring and kind and celebrates your wins! Her combined skills as an accomplished artist, therapist and mentor have supported me to heal past trauma, reclaim my artist self and be a better mentor in my own client work. Tam is an absolute precious gem. If you have the opportunity to work with her seize it! It is life changing"

Michela D’Addario 

"Tam’s offerings are subtle yet powerful, grounding yet elevating, gentle yet provoke great transformational shifts. From our very first session together Tam has always held a safe space in which I feel held, heard and honoured. She has assisted my journey into self-love for over a year now, leaving a deep impression in my heart that will continue to remind me of the pure sovereignty that exists within each of us. Her compassion overflows into guiding every creativity-based practice she offers, each intuitively tailored to the individual soul needs of the client. I am eternally grateful to have met such a guiding light. Thank you Tam, for awakening the creative source within and gracing me with the tools to create my very own art of living"


"I found Tam’s art therapy session very therapeutic, the sessions were in a safe warm and very friendly environment. Tam is a very generous and compassioned and supportive art therapist, my session was a lovely experience. Tam session’s work with me in a unconscious level , which help me release some emotional aspect of myself that I had buried within. The Art therapy has also help me as an artist to unblock my creativity and I now work more with my art then I have had in a long time"

Sabine Tedesco.